Yuan.CC web programming projects

  • Yuan.CC Maps

    Yuan.CC Maps is an integrated maps web application using Google Maps API, Yahoo Maps API, and UrMap API. Yuan.CC Maps currently provides three services: Flickr, Geocaching, and GPS. You can see your geotagged photos, GPS tracks, geocaches displayed on maps.

  • GMiF - Google Maps in Flickr


    GMiF is a user script to embed Google Maps into Flickr to display geotagged photos. With GMiF, you can add geo-tags to your photos, locate others geotagged photos in the map, or look up other photos taken nearby you.

    Update: GMiF v4.0 released, powered by Google Maps API Version 2.

  • Flickr Album Maker

    Flickr is a wonderful web service with an opened API. This album maker can help you to build an album and slideshow with your favorite photos. It can output HTML code for you to embed to your blog or homepage with fully style controls by yourself.

  • Flickr Badges

    Update: Flickr Badges is open for download. Please see here.

    Flickr Badges is my new test drive based on FlickrJS. I am working on it and have not much to say right now. You can see a current state here.

  • LfVr - a Lightweight flickr Viewer

    Announce: The lightweight flickr viewer is released. This viewer is designed by ajax approach and runs fast. I exploited most Flickr APIs to build the viewer with most frequent used funtionalities. You can search and browse photos by users, contacts, photosets, tags, or groups.

  • Greasemonkey Scripts

Blog of Yuan.CC Web Experiments

I just setup a blog to log all my works and hope to improve the communication with all users. Check out the new blog. To subscibe the feed, click here.
Welcome to visit my flickr photo page and join my "Flickr Tools" group for discussion.
I am devoted to web programming for personal interests and run all services at home via DSL connection. If you like my work, you can donate to help me with the bills.