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What is this?

      Lightbox for Hyperlinks is a set of Greasemonkey user scripts for Firefox. It is designed to open a hyperlink within the current page instead of jumping to a new page or opening a new window. The script will embed an IFRAME showing the target site on the center of the page with a lightbox effect. On the top of the lightbox, there is a toolbar with five icons: 'Open in new window', 'Open in current window', 'Add to', 'Add to HEMiDEMi', and 'Close lightbox'.

It will not be effective at all hyperlinks, because most of time we don't need this function. It is only useful when we prefer to stay at current page instead of opening a new window or a new tab. For instance, online RSS aggregators or social bookmark services will be good cases to adopt this script.

We currently support hyperlinks for Digg, Bloglines,, Technorati and HEMiDEMi. You can get these scripts below.




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This project is part of Yuan.CC Web Experiments.