Yuan.CC Greasemonkey User Scripts

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Here are some greasemonkey user scripts I wrote.
  1. Flickr Photo Favorers
  2. Invite Photos to The Group
  3. Flickr Virtual Sets
  4. Quick View of Photo Comments
  5. Lightbox for Hyperlinks
  6. Bloglines Lightbox
  7. del.icio.us Lightbox
  8. HEMiDEMi Lightbox
  9. Flickr GeoRadar
  10. Flickr Profile Widget
  11. Flickr Organize Tools
  12. Geotagging Flickr in UrMap
  13. Chronological Flickr Photostream
  14. Super Batch Processing for Flickr
  15. Ajax Photo Blogging in Flickr
  16. An Ajax Wrapper for Rojo
  17. GMiF: Google Maps in Flickr
  18. del.icio.us Flickr Contacts
  19. Toggle Recent Comments in Flickr Photostream
  20. Flickr LfVr Switch
  21. Tags for Geobloggers
  22. Geo lat/lon info on Google Maps
  23. Donation