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A new tool to collect your flickr photos to make your album is available now. With this tool, you can collect photos in Flickr Organize easily and send to Flickr Album Maker.

Please see details here. It requires Firefox + Greasemonkey.


Version 1.3

Flickr Album Maker can pick all photos in a photo set and generate HTML code of album for you. For the time being, the user interface is still not friendly yet, but it does work. This new feature requires test. Feedbacks are appricated.


I am devoted to web programming for personal interests and run all services at home via DSL connection. If you like my work, you can donate to help with the bills.


There're two new features in v1.2.

  1. Once the album is made, it can bring you to fd's great Javascript slideshow maker with current photos in the album.
  2. I launch a blog ( to collect albums made by this tool. Once the album is made, you can edit the blog post then send to our blog. Welcome to share your album with us.
Try and share your album.

There're three new features added in v1.1.

  1. Now it can generate the slideshow of your photos. You give search criteria and it can generate the album or slideshow for you, both with HTML codes.
  2. There's a limit for search results now. You can specify the max. number of photos to display in your album.
  3. There's a new checkbox named "HTML body only". If you check it, the and tags will be removed. If you leave it unchecked, it will generate a complete HTML page for you.