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This work is based on the following two Flickr API kits:

  1. FlickrJS: a wrapper for Flickr API, which is credited to Gustavo Marin.
  2. Oberkampf: a PHP interface to flickr API

The badges can display as many photos as you have in your Flickr account. Currently I made two types of badges: Flickr Random Badge and Flickr Set Badge.

How to use

There are two types of flickr badges. Please decide which one is suitable to you.

  1. Ajax version: (Recommended)

    The first is based on FlickrJS wrapper, so-called ajax technology.

    Requirement: A PHP enabled web server, either Apache or IIS.

    You can download the source here, then install and run on your own server.
    Download: flickrbadges v1.0

  2. Traditional version: (familiar with what flickr provided)

    The second is based on Oberkampf PHP kit. This is a preload approach and I only provide Flickr Random Badge here. The script pre-fetches image URLs from flickr API on server side then generates a badge script for your web site. You need to include a Javascript from my site.

    Requirement: None. Only a Javascript enabled browser.

    Notice: This badge requires my web server dynamically generating Javascript to display images. There is no guarantee of reliability.

    Your Flickr Screen Name: Number of image URLs to prefetch:
    What is screen name?

    Copy the above code and insert into your HTML file. Noteic there are two GET parameters following the script. The "screen" is your screen name on Flickr and the "num" is the number of photos you want to preload to your badge.


You are welcome to sign up the guestbook to let us know who are using the badges. This is not mandatory.

Signup my guestbook at flickr


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